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GriefShare is a Christ-centered, non-denominational support group for anyone who has experienced the loss of a family member, spouse or friend.

The group meets weekly for 13-week semesters. Each session covers a variety of topics related to grief. The program focuses on three key elements: watching a video seminar, group discussions, and doing workbook journaling exercises. These all work together to help provide the participant support in recovery and healing from the deep pain of loss.

Heather Ivanoff

Ministry Leader

The reason I became a GriefShare leader was, about 3 years ago I felt God prompting me to start a GriefShare group in my church. I myself had benefited from attending GriefShare meetings after the loss of my teenage daughter to suicide many years ago. What I soon realized was people are in need of a “safe place,” a place of refuge.  A place where they are free to express their emotions, share stories and release their burdens with others who truly understand what they are going through. I found GriefShare to be just that. It's a place of shelter from the storms of grief. This ministry provides the tools, advice from experts, and strategies given to help in the healing process. Ultimately that is what God wants for every believer to experience; healthy healing, and caring support in a comforting environment.

Heather Ivanoff